Developers have one aim

Development promoters

Gleeson Homes have developed this 500 house scheme to Mid Sussex District Council solely as a Commercial deal. They  are very unlikely to go on to build the houses and infrastructure that goes with new houses. Instead they will sell the house-building rights straight on to probably the highest bidder, once planning consent has been obtained.

Gleeson Homes were the promoter for the Clayton Mills development in Hassocks, selling the land on the BDW Trading Ltd (Barrett Homes) for them to build the houses.

Inevitably they see it as a purely commercial exercise, and inevitably have very limited interest in local communities

Expectation of our District Council

We expect our District Council as the Local Planning Authority to respect and promote our community interests, as well as to provide for the future needs of both the local community and the wider District.

Two months of rushed preparation for a Council Meeting to consider the main modifications for the District Plan, with a meeting that lasted only one hour and eighteen minutes, so all councillors could get home early does not fill the local community with any confidence that they worked for any us through this process.

Councillors Marples and Binks have stated that they are "determined to wrest control of the planning process back from developers who have only one motivation".

Clearly their zeal can only last for 1 hour and 18 minutes at a time, before they're prepared to give up and vote in favour of a heinous plan put forward by a developer.

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