the merging of hassocks and burgess hill

Large enough for a new village

500 Houses, situated to the north of Hassocks, bordering on to Ockley Lane, heading towards Burgess Hill. 

This is an enormous development, nearly three times the size of the Clayton Mills development off Mackie Avenue several years ago - that was months and years in its proposing and determination, and yet is within the generally accepted sustainable shaping of Hassocks.

Hassocks Neighbourhood Plan

Consultation and resident voting for the Hassocks Neighbourhood Plan saw parcels 13 and 4 proposed for development. 

13 is already owned by a Developer (Barratt Homes) and is able to be developed, subject to some small payments per house developed.

4 is a small part of the plan now being pushed by MSDC, and of course the landowner would sell part of the site.

MSDC have this Neighbourhood Plan, they are in contact with the current proposer for plot 4. These two sites provide 150 houses instantly, which solves their District Plan needs.

Closing the gap to Burgess Hill

The land to the West of Ockley Lane, from the footpath opposite Ockley Manor to the developed edge of Burgess Hill has been consistently set out as a Strategic Gap between the two communities.

Under this scheme the Gap will barely be worth the name - reduced to just over half a mile only.

The sense of Hassocks and Keymer as a community will be lost for ever.

They will feel part of a very large conurbation of Burgess Hill (which is due to grow already by a further 4,000 homes to the North.

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