We now await the outcome of the next Examination

In December, the Council's plan goes before the Inspector again, at Examination. The people of Hassocks submitted many hundreds of responses to the consultation, and they will be pretty unanimous in their opposition to the proposed District Plan. So, we now wait to hear the outcome of the Examination by the inspector. Fingers crossed...

You can still give your views on the  MSDC plans to the Hassocks councillors who voted in favour of the plan. They are:



It would be interesting to understand their support of the plan.

It is still important that people write to our local MP, Nick Herbert, giving your views on the matter

He is contactable on 


MSDC District plan summary report

This is the full report on the responses received to the consultation on the Main Modifications, This has now been sent through to the Inspector

List of respondents

This is a list of the people of Hassocks who submitted a response. What a great number of people.

Key Responses

These are the Key Responses submitted for the consultation on the 500 Houses North of Hassocks. Nearly all are opposed to the Plan.

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